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"Guidance Tower"

811/Emergency 911 Call Center
Roanoke, Virginia, 2020.

This piece stands 15' tall and is made with .5" polished aluminum and
stainless steel. The sculpture was commissioned by the Arts and
Culture Commission of Roanoke for the new 811/E911 Call Center in
Roanoke. The themes of Partnership, Communication, Service,
Safety, and Care inspired the design of this sculpture. Figurative in it's
design, the intersecting figures represent the two branches of
services. It two 'modules': the lower ring and arrow towards the earth
representing the 811 uitilty services, and the upper ring and figure
representing the 911 services.

Sincerest thanks to the members of
Roanoke's Art & Culture Commission
Lights were incorporated  into the sculpture to create a beacon effect
in the evening..
The Artist with Sonya Roman, Roanoke's Director
for E911 Services.