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"Mars Cutter"

Mars Hill University Greenway
Madison County, North Carolina, 2018.

This piece stands 10' tall and is made with .25 mild steel. The
sculpture was commissioned by Madison County, NC and is part of a
plan to highlight manufacturers in Madison County through the
Madison County Manufacturing Art Park. It is the first sculpture
selected for the park and highlights the manufacturer, Advanced
Superabrasives, Incorporated,  that creates specialized cutting wheels.
Their cutting wheels are on NASA's Mars Rovers, as part of the robotic
arms that retrieve and cut into Martian rock, in search of water and
life, which directly inspires the design of this sculpture.

Much thanks to
Mark Schiefferstein of Skrapmonkey, Asheville, NC for
welding work, and
Brisco, Incorporated for laser cutting.
Public unveiling on July 28th, 2018, on the Greenway at
Mars Hill University.
With Kim Snyder, Public Art
Coordinator, and City Crew after
delivery and installation in Greeley,