Paintings                                                                                          David Sheldon
David Quentin Sheldon, 2015.
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         "... a movement towards wonder."

" Mythic, cosmic, psychological, universal, metaphysical -
aspects of the painting process that keep me exploring what
it is to create an image on canvas with brush and paint. I
rarely start with a preconceived image in mind - I like having
the painting reveal itself to me stroke after stroke, layer
after layer, in a process of discovery, a movement towards
wonder. I start from what I would call my 'emotional center’,
as an abstract expressionist might, with only raw brush
strokes and emotion, striking the empty 'void’ of the canvas
before me. Gradually my whole mind and Being come into
play, through space, color, light and shadow in creating a
new,  imaginary world to explore or image to contemplate.
Abstraction comes to life."