"Falling Apart, Coming Together", Portraits                             David Sheldon
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"What I've come to understand about painting portraits is that it's
not about capturing a likeness as much as it's about
being available to, and cooperating with a
frequency of 'intense presence', and allowing that presence
to manifest itself, through paint on to canvas.
In this way, I am acting as a sort of medium and
the process itself is a sort of alchemical manifestation.
The canvas and paint have to come to life in their
own right, for the portrait to come to life."
Each portrait is 20"X16", oil on canvas.
       "Tamika"                          "Stephanie"                        "Sylvia (Plath)"                     "Dexter"                      "The Clairvoyant"
       "David"                           "Thomas 1"                         "Thomas 2"                       "The Artist"                             "Liz"
      "Nolan"                           "Rima"                             "Destiny"                               "Lucille"                           "Caroline"
         "Tim"                           "Rebecca"                            "Katia"                                  "Kristin"                               "Janet"
        "Wendy"                           "Red Head"                         "Martin"                         "Ladashia"                           "Nyota"