"Falling Apart, Coming Together :    Portraits"
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"Falling Apart / Coming Together: Portraits"

“Who do you see when I look at you?” “Who do I see when you look at me?”

My interest in portraiture is about capturing a 'higher frequency' of vibration - both from my
subject and my own internal response to that subject.. The subject may be a memory, fantasy,
off the TV, Internet - or sitting in front of me in the studio.

What's most important is that I feel a certain spark, an interest, that captures my inner attention -
pulls it out of my head and down into my heart and emotions. It's not as much about capturing a
likeness, as it is about capturing something 'essential'. I want to see what the paint has to say,
rather than say what I want with the paint. In this way, something vital and alive can be created."
Each portrait is 20"X16", oil on canvas.
 "Tamika"                          "Portrait of J."                  "Sylvia (Plath)"                       "Dexter"                            
"Destiny"                         "Stephanie"                       "Thomas 1"                       "Thomas 2"                                 
"Lucille"                             "Ashley"                               "Jody 1"                            "Jody 2"                            
       "Kattia"                            "Vale                              "The Artist"                  "The Clairvoyant"                       
"Monkey Man(Self)"              "Red Head"                           "Martin"                              "Liz""
      "Tim"                             "Caroline"                           "Destiny"                              "Kate""
"LaDashia"                    "Marie Suzanne"                     "Rima"                               "Betsy"
"Stephen"                        "Epiphany"                               "David"                               "Nick"
"Janet"                                "Kristin"                               "Alex"                                 "Fio"