"Books without a home"...still looking for a publisher for these...
"Sea Star", by David Sheldon

A thrilling tale of a young girl's adventures
on a beautiful coral reef.

Science related Fiction
"Leakey Family Expeditions"

The amazing story of the intrepid
Leakey family - pioneers in the field
of Paleoanthropology. Vivid
illustrations combined with an
exciting, fact-filled tale bring their
discoveries to life!


The first-ever, around the world auto race -
story and fun facts about the earliest days of

"Queen Hat-shep-sut's Zoo" by David Sheldon

A fun and exciting adventure tale, based on the
history of the first female pharoah of Egypt and the
creation of the first zoo!

Fiction based on a historical event
ride aboard a rocket carrying the first
Mars Rover!