copper, 24"h, 2010.
Winter and Summer
Private collection.
Installation view, "Art at the Airport", Asheville Airport.
"Earthworks" Sculpture Series                                             David Sheldon
"Soaring Birds, Soaring Mountains",
Maquette and stainless steel Installation proposal.
10'hx10'wx8'd, 30k, 2015.
"Terra Levitas"
(Floating Earth)
copper,42" H,
Private collection
"Astral Storm"
two views
steel, 28" H, 2015
"Harmonic Field"
steel, 32" H, 2015.
Private collection.
To inquire about sculptures or
proposals , please contact David
"Garden of the Telepath"  
copper, 28"X10"X21", 2012.
Private Collection.
maquette for stainless steel
"Arcane Mechanism"
copper, steel with granite base, 72" H X 36" W X 20" D -  2015.

For view and purchase at
Grovewood Gallery, Asheville, NC    
Steel, 22"X20"X8", 2015.
For view and purchase at  
Grovewood Gallery,
Asheville, NC.
painted steel, 32" H, 2015.
Private collection.
Steel, 48"X32"X18", 2016.
About "Earthworks"

These works flow from a process of exploration. There is a
constant impulse to break through space and create form
both negatively and positively. The play between positive
and negative space creates a dynamic where form and
composition work together in creating stimulating and
provocative sculpture. Although the forms in these works
are organic and natural, the wish is to create works that
leave interpretations
open, and closure to the viewer....
"Tower of Secrets"
wood maquette,
70"hX20"X20", 2017.
"Harmonic Imperative"
48"hX24"X10", 2017.