Skyworks Sculpture Series                                                               David Sheldon
Somnium Imperium
painted steel, 6'X4.5'X3', 2016
Available for commission.
Pater Andromedus
painted steel, 28"X24"X18", 2016.
Available for commission.
painted steel, 6'HX2.5'WX2'D , 2016  ( 2 views )
Private collection.
Pleiades ( Time Harp )
painted steel, 6.5'hX4.5'wX2'd, 2016.
Available for commission.
About "Skyworks"
Having lived in the Western North Carolina mountains for many years now, I draw from the
power and majesty of the mountains, the star-filled skies at night and a sense that one is
connected, in some way, to this vast, mysterious universe we live in.

My current sculpture series, that I call “Skyworks”, stems from this experience. Created with
what I call a ‘NASA aesthetic’, they are influenced in form by the immaculate instruments of
space exploration, as well as the moving rhythms of modern, minimalist music and architecture.
Humankind has always sought to understand our place in the Universe, and I believe Art plays
a vital function in that search.

They're construction is a hybrid of old and new technologies. I begin traditionally, either
sketching shapes and forms on paper first, or working directly in 3D from the start - cutting out
shapes and forms in wood for my maquettes.Then, using computer technologies, I finalize
shapes using advanced, computer software. Plasma and laser cutters enable me to realize
and fabricate shapes and formulations I wouldn't have been able to twenty years ago.
Their construction follows patterns and geometries I don’t rationalize beforehand. I work
intuitively and emotively, and yet, at the same time I’m attempting to eliminate any trace of
what I would call ‘sentimentality’, and express a more objective state of mind.
Sympathy (for Foucault)
painted steel, 4'X2'X2', 2016.
Available for commission.
Templi Futurum
painted steel, 36"X28"X16", 2016.
Available for commission.
Navis Animarum (Ship of Souls)
painted steel, 40"X25"X19",  2016.
Available for commission.
Spero Aeternum (Hope Eternal)
painted steel, 28"H, 2016  ( 2 views )
Available for commission.
painted steel, 8'hX4'wX2.5'd, 2016
Available for commission.
Accipiter (The Hawk)
painted steel, 4'X3'X2', 2017.
Available for commission.
Cygnus (The Swan)
painted steel, 6'hX4'wX2'd, 2017

for view and purchase at
Grovewood Gallery
Asheville, NC.
Oracle (for Apollo)
Aluminum, 6'hX2'wX2'd, 2017

for view and purchase at
Mark Bettis Studio Gallery
Asheville, NC.
painted steel, 42"32"X18", 2017.
Available for commission.
Nike Ascending
painted steel, 8'hX4'wX2.5'd, 2018
Available for commission.